Most important skills employers want from you 

10 most important skills employers want

Most important skills employers want from you 

Most important skills employers want from you 
Most important skills employers want from you
Soft Skills

In today’s working environment, minimum acceptable skills are being replaced with “soft skills“. Soft skills complement hard skills. A soft skill refers to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, felicity with language, personal habits, friendliness and optimism that marks each of us to varying degrees. Persons who rank high in this cluster, with good soft skills, are generally the people that most employers want to hire. Recruiters like the outgoing, friendly, well-adjusted candidates more than those with great qualifications but less acceptable soft skills.

      There are the most important skills employers want from you. 

  1. Effective Communication Skills:This skill enables individuals to hone their clear thinking, improving their vocabulary on a continual basis and usage of functional grammar to express their ideas clearly and effectively so that their needs are satisfied, which is the very purpose of any meaningful communication.
  2. Interpersonal Skills : This is the ability to interact with others in professional as well as social circles for mutual benefits. People good at Interpersonal Skills automatically become welcome guests wherever they go.
  3. Art of Learning : Once it is accepted that Learning is a lifelong affair, one should learn at the earliest what are the effective techniques of quick and useful learning so that they could maintain their competitive edge over others.
  4. Analytical Ability: The ability to critically analyse anything so that a suitable solution is identified whenever there is a problem, is a crucial skill to which companies attach a lot of importance nowadays.
  5. Positive Thinking : This simple trick that can energise you to stay in the race long after most others have called it ‘quits’ , is the same quality which can ensure your success even in the most adverse circumstances.                                      See also :Episode 1:career tips to aid young graduates
  6. Time Management: The very ‘material’ that life is made up of is time, and if you can manage your time efficiently, that itself is a testimonial to your management skills.
  7. Goal Setting : The value and necessity of Goal Setting cannot be over stressed in modern times because without a Goal, nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved in this highly competitive world today.
  8. Personal Hygiene and Grooming:These factors have assumed a serious significance nowadays because wherever you go, you have to work and live in teams or groups, and your acceptance by your friends and peer groups very much depends on your Personal Hygiene and Grooming.
  9. Innovative Thinking: Problems abound in every step, and only those with an innovative bent of mind can successfully cope with them, time and again.
  10. Enthusiasm: This is a top class Soft Skill which can cap all the other Skills with an attractive glitter of its own. Success Chapters are rarely written without this essential ingredient.

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