Green Talents 2018– International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development (Fully Funded to Germany)

Green Talents 2018– International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development (Fully Funded to Germany)

Green Talents 2018– International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development (Fully Funded to Germany)

Are you a scientist ?Do you think your inventive ideas and strong zeal on sustainable development can make a differences?Apply today to become one of the 25 green talents of 2018

German federal ministry of education and research (BMBF) are inviting applications for the green talents of 2018 edition .the program promote and encourage international Exchange of innovative ideas .

The Awards under the patronage of minister Anja karliczek ,honours young researchers each year .

All disciplines are allows as long as they are related to substainable development.


Green talents give you the opportunity to become part of the worldwide network of outstanding young minds and leading German institutions.

        Science colloquium:

Invitation to Germany for a two week science gathering in October 2018 and visits to  some of the happening center of sustainability science ,This offer you the opportunity to get access to the country ‘s research scenery .Thereby you learn about the leading -edge projects on site and possibilities for cooperation with german researchers and facilities.


Green talents science forum grants you the opportunity to meet leading German experts of your choice .there maybe individual appointment when visiting those experts in their retrospective facilities to personally discuss your research .

Stay in Germany after the science forum:

You will have the opportunity to return to Germany for up to three months to conduct a research ,stay at the institute of your choice.


It gives you the privilege to gain new experiences in an aspiring environment and Advance your professional career while establishing long lasting relationship.

          Network :

Green talents science forum Allows you to meet more than 200 outstanding young minds from 57countries worldwide .Its allows you to expand your network and Aids in exchange of ideas with peers and find new project partner.

When invited as a “Green talents”you will be invited for a two week science congress (This normally takes place in October) BMBF will cover your travel expenses (to /from Germany and during the trip )as well as your meal and accommodation during the science congress .cost of health insurance and visa fees cannot be paid ,a monthly allowance will be given ,after return for the research stay.

      Prerequisites for Application

  • Not a citizen of German nor a resident of Germany, individual therefore not eligible to apply(German passport holders as well as everyone living in Germany at the time of application ,even temporary residence are not eligible)
  • Excellent command of English
  • Strong enthusiasm on sustainable development and an interdisciplinary Approach.


  • Master’s or PHD programme degree completed no more than three years before the end of the Application process

How to Apply:

Applications can only be submitted via an
online tool documents that are sent to us by email cannot be accepted. Please note that applications cannot be changed once they have been submitted nor can any missing document be handed in after the deadline.


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