Google kickstart coding competition
Google kickstart coding competition

Google Kickstart 2019 Coding Competition is inviting applications all over the world to partake in its online coding competition to solve algorithmic problems. This program is hosted all through out 2019 and provides opportunities to participants to test and grow their coding skills.


  • No Qualification is Required
  • You Must be above 18 years to participate.

How do I register for Kick Start?

You must first create your profile by following this link – you must ensure you register before the deadline. Then follow the prompts in your dashboard.


How does Kick Start work?

  1. Create a Coding Competitions profile if you don’t have one already.
  2. Once the Round starts, a link on the homepage will direct you to the dashboard for that Round.
  3. On the Round Overview page, you’ll see the problems. They will be listed in approximate order of difficulty, so we recommend starting with the first one.
  4. Read the problem description:
    1. The statement describes the problem that you need to write code to solve.
    2. The Input and Limits sections describe the test sets, which are an ordered list of difficulty targets for your program to hit. These sections make guarantees about the sort of data your code will have to run on for each test set.
    3. The Output and Sample Cases sections clarify what your code has to do.
  5. Write a solution that you think can pass at least Test Set 1.
  6. When you submit a solution, we will run it on the sample cases that meet the limits for Test Set 1. If it passes those, we will run the code against Test Set 1, and on the next test set if that passes, and so on.
  7. For Visible Test Sets, you will learn during the Round whether your code passed. For Hidden Test Sets, you will only find out at the end of the Round. You can submit as many times as you like, with minor penalties.
  8. Solve as many test sets for as many problems as you can before the Round ends. The more test sets you solve, the higher your score.

How To Apply & More Information

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